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Math Extension

The following will enable the <math> ... </math> hadlers.

Installing teTeX

Base on the QuickInstall from teTeX distribution

A more detailed installation instruction is given in the file INSTALL. So, if something goes wrong, please restart from scratch following the more detailed instructions given there.

Here is an overview for a typical installation (replace the string 3.0 with the current version identifier everywhere in this document):

mkdir -p /home/sys/local/teTeX/share/texmf /home/sys/local/teTeX/share/texmf-dist
gzip -dc tetex-texmf-3.0.tar.gz \
  | (umask 0; cd /home/sys/local/teTeX/share/texmf-dist; tar xvf -)
gzip -dc tetex-src-3.0.tar.gz | (umask 022; tar xvf -)
cd tetex-src-3.0

We need to edit one file, as we don't have access to /var/tmp we'll need to change the follwoing file texk/make/ (line 50):

vartexfonts = /var/tmp/texfonts


vartexfonts = /home/tmp/texfonts

Then, to finish the build:

./configure --prefix=/home/sys/local/teTeX --exec-prefix=/home/sys/local/teTeX \
  --without-xdvik | tee configure.log
make -j8 world | tee world.log

For compiling on a second, third, ... platform, just do for each platform:

make distclean
./configure --prefix=/home/sys/local/teTeX | tee configure.log
make all | tee all.log
make install-exec | tee install-exec.log

Now, make sure to put the newly created binaries into your PATH. Use something like the following, but replace i686-pc-linux-gnu by your actual platform directory:

export PATH=/home/sys/local/teTeX/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu:$PATH;

and run

texconfig conf

and check if all the output looks ok and then run


to configure what you need. If you are setting up a multi user installation, consider running


instead of texconfig.

Installing Caml

To build texvc we need the Caml tools.

The Caml Language

To build:

./configure -prefix /home/sys/local
make world | tee world.log
make bootstrap | tee bootstrap.log
make opt | tee opt.log
make install | tee install.log

Installing GS

We also need Ghostscript.


To build:

./configure --prefix=/home/sys/local  --exec-prefix=/home/sys/local
make | tee all.log
make install

Installing GD


To build:

./configure --prefix=/home/sys/local  --exec-prefix=/home/sys/local
make | tee all.log
make install

Installing dvipng


To build:

./configure --prefix=/home/sys/local  --exec-prefix=/home/sys/local LDFLAGS="$LD \
    FLAGS -L/home/sys/local/lib -L/home/sys/local/teTeX/lib" CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS \
    -I/home/sys/local/include -I/home/sys/local/teTeX/include"
make | tee all.log
make install

Building texvc

To build:

cd /home/www/
make | tee all.log

Now, since we can't control the environment which texvc will run in, we need a way to let it know where latex latex, dvips, etc. application are.

First open in the math directory and change the following lines

let cmd_dvips tmpprefix = "dvips  ...
let cmd_latex tmpprefix = "latex ...
let cmd_convert tmpprefix finalpath = "convert ...


let cmd_dvips tmpprefix = "/home/sys/local/bin/dvips  ...
let cmd_latex tmpprefix = "/home/sys/local/bin/latex ...
let cmd_convert tmpprefix finalpath = "/usr/bin/convert ...

convert also requires that gs be in the path. Since we cannot edit the path, we place a symbolic link in the directory along side texvc:

cd /home/www/
ln -s /home/sys/local/bin/gs .

Installing texlive

First, start the installation by running:

./install-tl -v

Optional adding, as seen above, a -v (or two) for a more verbose installation.

At the installation menu select d to change the destination. This will present you with a new screen where you can edit the destination path. Change it to /home/sys/local/texlive/2008 by pressing 1 (the number one). The other paths will automatically change to reflect the new path. Press r to return to the installation menu.

Next press s to change the installation scheme, by pressing s at the main menu. The teTeX scheme should suffice, and has a considerably smaller footprint than the default scheme.

Once the changes have be made, press i to start the installation. This may take up to an hour, according to the installation instruction, so this might be a good time to get a coffee.

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