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Personal Writing

The following is my attempt to lead a more public life. Not because I think I'm so interesting that anyone will care about the all the same things I find interesting, but rather that one person might find something I have contemplated interesting as well. Maybe doing this will help remove the onus of research on the topic from them. Maybe they will be able to correct a thought I've had. In the worst case, it'll just be a place I can come back to and rediscover the things I've thought about in the past.

Technical Writing

I wrote the following articles because of my inability to remember anything longer than 5 minutes and for my love of quick and easy copy-n'-paste solutions.

Technical References

This list is comprised of technical information that I have either blatantly plagiarized (well, that’s not true: I do site all my sources, when I can remember them [there are surprising fringe benefit from this for me: if I only pick parts of the material I find relevant at the time, I can always refer people back to the source for further details on the matter—who knew University would be that helpful]) or have written. Most of it comes from firsthand experience and more often firsthand frustration, so there may be huge gaps of crucial information in the topics I touch on. I take no responsibility for this. It is not my fault I haven't been exposed to the all the same frustrations as everyone else has.


Having spent a lot of time reading, viewing and listening to various forms of media, I have, it seems, amassed a great deal of trivia knowledge that serves no real puppose other than making me sound more clever than I really am.

Research Interests

These are a few of the things I am most interested in.

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